This is where the fun begins!
The SAC (Student Activities Center) is located in Shott Hall on the west end of the campus.  At Bluefield College, we are committed to providing quality entertainment programs to our students, faculty, and staff. 
Bluefield College Student Activities supports the mission of Bluefield College by enhancing the learning experience and developing the whole student, intellectually, and in the physical, spiritual, and social aspects of life. Our office is committed to providing quality activities through student involvement, growth, and learning to the entire College family including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests. Ultimately we attempt to promote respect, cultural diversity, and citizenship in our students by enhancing their spiritual, intellectual, cultural, physical, and social development.

Clubs at Bluefield College

Participating in organizations is an avenue for meeting new friends, sharing ideas and pursuing your interests. Therefore, Bluefield College offers students an opportunity to become involved in a variety of clubs and organizations. Some of our major activities include concerts, novelty events, and comedians along with many traditional events.

Biology Club

Interested in the Biology Club, but aren't a biology major or problem! The Biology Club accepts all! In the Biology Club, you can expect to do volunteer work at various places in the community (i.e. The Wade Center and Heavensent), as well as various trips that are true to the club's subject. This semester the club is planning to attend a biology-centric trip to Atlanta to view museums and the Georgia Aquarium. To learn more or to join, please contact Rhyan Alexandra Bailey.

Art Club

Art Club allows students who are interested, want to learn more, or already love the arts, to meet in the studio to freely express their creativity.

Appalachian Outdoor Club

The purpose of the Bluefield College Appalachian Outdoor Club is to provide students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beautiful mountains that surround us. Activities include hiking on the local trails and the nearby Appalachian Trail, canoeing on the New River, or mountain bike riding on many of the local trails. All members of the College community may participate.