RamAlert Information

Bluefield College’s RamAlert is a wireless emergency notification system created in an effort to enhance communication to students, parents, faculty, and staff during times of crisis on campus. Through RamAlert, trained and authorized Bluefield College administrators are able to warn the campus community of an impending emergency and provide timely information to minimize disruption and potentially prevent harm or protect lives. In the case of an emergency, subscribers to RamAlert will receive a text and/or e-mail message with details of the crisis and any necessary action plan. Participants must “opt-in” to the system to receive the alerts. Messages, sent through a secure web portal, can be received via cell phone (text) or e-mail.
How do I subscribe?
Click the following link to sign up: http://bluefield.omnilert.net 

Please note: During the registration process, you will need to provide your name, a username (please use your Student ID number), a password, a mobile phone number, and an e-mail address.