Frequently Asked Questions 

Can my parents sign up for RamAlert?

Yes, but you must sign them up by using your MyBC username and password. While parents of students and spouses of employees are not allowed to sign up directly for RamAlert, because they do not have a MyBC username and password, students and employees are permitted to enter additional e-mail or mobile phone numbers for their parents and spouses. There is not a sign-up form available that can be accessed by the public (i.e. parents).

What kind of messages will I receive?

Via text message or e-mail (depending on your preference), subscribers will receive electronic notices regarding emergencies or crises on campus. The notices may include warnings, details of the crisis, emergency protective measures, and any other necessary action plans, along with post-incident information. Users will also receive important messages about class delays and/or cancellations, particularly during times of inclement weather.

What constitutes an emergency or crisis?

Emergencies may include, but are not limited to, an accident or serious injury to a student or employee, a facility emergency such as a fire or flood, loss of utilities, a public health issue, severe weather, a bomb threat, an intruder, a hazardous waste spill, evacuation, confinement, or a civil disturbance. And, while class delays and/or cancellations may not constitute an emergency, RamAlert is also used to notify students, faculty and staff about such occurrences.

Will I get the alert messages even if I don't want them?

While the college strongly encourages students, faculty and staff to subscribe to RamAlert because of the significant advantages it provides for crisis communication, the system is an opt-in system, which means individuals may or may not choose to enroll. In addition, since the system is opt-in, users may also determine their preference in receiving the alerts -- via text message, e-mail or both.

Will RamAlert replace BC's other forms of communication during a crisis?

No. RamAlert is simply an additional method of crisis communication. While certainly offered as a method to enhance communication during times of emergency, it is not intended to replace, nor be the sole approach to crisis communication. Considering text messaging is dependent on the availability of a wireless signal, we encourage students, faculty and staff to also depend on e-mail and other BC forms of crisis communication.

Is RamAlert for inSPIRE students and employees, too?

Yes. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to subscribe to RamAlert in order to receive critical wireless communication from the college. In some cases, the communication may be intended for traditional students only or for faculty and staff only on the main campus in Bluefield. In other cases, RamAlerts may be for all students, including those online, and for faculty and staff not only on the main campus, but also in regional offices. Therefore, all members of the BC family are urged to subscribe.

How long does my RamAlert subscription last?

Subscriptions with RamAlert expire every two years (in order to clear graduates or other unused accounts from the system). So, it is very important to log in to your account periodically to renew your subscription. If you have not been receiving recent RamAlerts, you may need to update your expiration. To do that, simply log in to your RamAlert account through MyBC, and on the “Welcome Back” page, click the “reactivate account” link.

Will I automatically be deleted from RamAlert when I leave or graduate?

No. You determine your own “opt-out” date when creating your RamAlert account. When that date arrives, you will receive a notification to renew your account, if you so desire, and to set a new “opt-out” time.

How do I find out more information about RamAlert?

If all of your questions have not been answered or you need more information about RamAlert, feel free to contact the BC Office of Public Relations at